Angle Iron is one of the irons that is used in many fields in our day and which exists in almost all buildings and steel constructions and seen by many of us but the name of which is not known.

Angles are the rolled products which take the L shape when laid on each other from both sides. Angles are used as structural elements or as repair and manufacturing products.

Angles are one of the most frequently used shapes. Aluminum types are mostly used in applications such as interior design.

The standards that are complied in the production of Angle Iron are the ideal sizes of 6 MT in accordance with the AISI304 Certificate.



EN          10025 S235/5275/S355 JR-JO
ASTM    A36/A570/A615/A572/GR40/GR5D/GR60


EN          10056
ASTM    A6
DIN        1028



» As an interior design product, angles are used in architectural floorings and formworks.
»Angles are used as a structural support in several construction projects.
»Angles are one of the most general products of constructions.
»Angles are commonly used in making several shelves