Checkered plates are also known as checked sheets and diamond sheets. These plates are used as backing plates. There are diamond-shaped patterns on one side of the plate and a flat surface on the other side. Checkered plates are generally used in areas such as stairs, ramps, walkways and inside of vehicles. Among checkered plate models, there are the models which can be used in many areas.

Checkered plate is in the form of aluminium, stainless steel and hot rolled steel that varies according to the field of use. Most important properties of these plates are the non-skid surfaces. They do not require maintenance since they are quite durable. Checkered plates are resistant against weather conditions and corrosion. Their surfaces are also bright



»Checkered plates are used in car parks, garages, stairs and elevators in the form of plates.
»Checkered plates can be used in loading harbours, warehouses and distribution centers in the transportation sector.
»Use of checkered plates in hospital construction is quite common.
»Checkered plates can be used especially on walking paths and disabled access ramps that facilitate human life.
»As the looks of checkered plates are quite beautiful, they can be used as decorative materials from time to time.