CNC plasma cutting is a cutting system, which is not as sensitive as laser cutting but allows sheet processing in larger dimensions and is more economical compared to laser cutting. CNC OXY Cuttingi on the other hand, is the only cutting system that offers the possibility of CNC cutting up to 300 mm. This system also offers the possibility of fast and high quality cutting.


Maximum Sheet Thickness  
Soft steel (O2) 300 mm
Stainless Steel (N2) 50 mm
Operation Area  
Y Axis 3000 mm
X Axis 12000 mm

CNC Laser cutting processes the metal faster than other cutting by burning methods; with more quality and without needing a second lathe cleaning process, with the edges steep at 90 degrees and in exact measures.


Maximum Sheet Thickness  
Soft steel (O2) 25 mm
Stainless Steel (N2) 20 mm
Aluminium Alloy (N2) 12 mm
Operation Area  
Y Axis 2000 mm
X Axis 4000 mm