Ribbed iron is produced in different countries according to its own standards and shows some differences. Some mechanical properties of the ribbed iron developed over time have improved over time and reached high quality.

The cost and production time decreased, quality and production amount increased with the developing production methods. Some of the characteristics of the ribbed construction iron are changing and the need for more economical bars.

The most important point of the construction, static load or dynamic load is the yield strength of construction steel. Furthermore, the elongation and tensile strength of the recently used iron are also considered.



» Construction irons, which are commonly used in location where settlement and urbanization level is high, are one of the products with largest market volume amongst construction materials. Construction irons, as well as having multi functional area of usage, are the technical products that provide functional benefits in the formation of the framework of the structures. In addition to this, construction irons are used in areas such as building construction, site construction and construction sites. These products, which are one of the important necessities of the engineering and mathematics of the building, are also important in terms of constructing the architectural details of constructions.
» The ribbed construction iron is placed into concretes in order to ensure that the buildings can stand firmly against deflexion and drawing forces.