Hardox is a much harder steel, which is formed by the cladding of metal layers to ordinary steel. Although it is generally used in construction and mining sector, it has started to be used in many areas recently. It is suitable to be used wherever wear resistance should be high.



»Since Hardox has an excellent melting and processing feature, it can be comfortably used in the workshop.
»The reason for having a unique hardness is that it is obtained through a very effective quenching process in a good water cooling blowing.
»Thanks to this method, a very hard steel can be obtained. It can be used in bending and welding works in a much easier way compared to low alloyed elements.



»It provides a very beneficial use in various bodies of dump vehicles, excavator buckets, crushing mills and in many other products.
»First reason for preferring HARDOX steel is that it can be used for long years. Many steel or steel by-products may lose their first day's durability after a certain period.
»It is related to the method of water given to the steel and there are many different methods.