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In some cases, due to the geometric limitations and economic conditions, the above listed ground studded walls can be constructed based on the principle of reinforcing the natural ground as the excavation proceeds instead of resistance systems. It is known that such walls are widely used in our country.



» It is used temporarily for the temporary support of deep foundation excavations, or it is used in inter-city roads where aesthetic appearance is not of great importance.

» It is possible to make studded walls look good with a method applied in two projects in Turkey. The advantage of this type of walls is that they are primarily economic, can be formed parallel to the excavation works, and do not require any excavation behind the final wall surface.

L(M) L1(MM) D(MM) D1(MM)
3 120 26 M24
4 120 26 M24
6 120 26 M24
12 120 26 M24
3 120 32 M30
4 120 32 M30
6 120 32 M30
8 120 32 M30
12 120 32 M36
4 120 40 M36
6 120 40 M36
8 120 40 M36
12 120 40 M36