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Tunnel and mining sector are further developed by the self-drilling bolts which are the most important part of the anchor bolt. Self-drilling bolt is produced according to the API standards. The pipes produced by hot rolling method are produced by opening a round section screw to the outer wall by cold rolling method.

Self Drilling Bolt R-32N R-32S R-38N R-51N
Outer Diameter (mm) 32.0 32.0 38.0 51.0
Inner Diameter (mm) 18,5 15,0 19,0 33,0
Cross-Sectional Area (mm2) 396 488 717 936
Breaking Load (kn) 280 360 500 800
Yield Load (kn) 230 280 400 630
Weight(kg) 3,4 4,1 6,0 8,4