Steel mesh is a concrete steel, which is produced from 5220 steel by being drawn through cold drawing method and being ribbed; having a high endurance strength and mostly used in constructions.
Steel mesh bars are obtained by subjecting the Bst IVb or Bst 50/55 (RK) according to international criteria, low carbon, normal 5t l iron to cold rolling and drawing it and making it specially ribbed at the same time.
Steel meshes are produced by making the bars, which are wrapped into drums during drawing, into desired sizes in automated straightening and cutting machines and then processing them in electronically programmed spot welding machines.
Steel mesh production is performed according to TS4559, DIN 488, BS 4483, ASTM-A497 criteria.


» Floor tilings
» Mass houses
» Dams and waterways
» Floor concretes
» Prefabricated constructions
» Underground and tunnel constructions
» Concrete pipe production
» Field and road concretes
» Tunnel formwork systems