Transmission shaft round iron is a round bar product that is rotated and ground in a very specific diameter. Transmission shaft round irons have a very sensitive and high quality surface. These products have gone through a polishing process in order to obtain excellent surfaces, flatness and tolerances.
Transmission shaft round irons are generally used in bearings, pistons and hydraulic cylinders. Transmission shaft round irons are known as round bars made of sensitive and high quality steel. The production process is specially designed for surface quality, roundness, hardness and flatness for quite close tolerances. In this way, transmission shaft round irons are ensured to be more long-lasting end require less maintenance.


EN 10025             5235/S275/5355 JR-JO
ASTM    ASTMA36/A570/A615/A572/GR40/GR50/GR60

EN          10060
ASTM    A6
DIN        1013

»Transmission shaft round irons are also used in the automotive sector because their welding capability is high due to the low carbon value.
»Special qualifications of transmission shaft round irons ensure them to be used in the defense industry.
»Transmission shaft round irons with almost perfect, high quality surfaces also have an important place in the machinery industry.
»Transmission shaft round irons are also used in the construction of steel structures, bridges and pressure equipments.